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Data visualization coaching
Elevate your data storytelling skills. 

My coaching in data visualization is about empowering you to bring data to life. Whether you're a beginner seeking clarity or a decision-maker aiming to drive impactful insights, my approach is tailored to your journey. With a decade of experience across diverse sectors, I bridge the gap between data analysis and strategic business storytelling, making the complex simple and the simple powerful.

Ask me about my skills:
  • Advanced data reports

  • Power BI

  • UX/ UI Design

  • Data storytelling

  • Psychology behind data

  • Data cleaning and analysis

  • Visualization optimization

  • Data interpretation for non-technical audiences

  • Keynotes and public speaking

Who is this coaching for?

Data analysts

  • You excel in data analysis but want to enhance your ability to translate complex datasets into compelling visual narratives that resonate with non-technical stakeholders.

  • Seeking to bridge the gap between data expertise and impactful communication, making your insights a driving force in strategic decisions.

Decision makers

  • Looking to rapidly interpret data visualizations for efficient and informed decision-making, amidst a busy schedule.

  • Aiming to lead with confidence, backed by a clear understanding of data stories, to guide your team and company towards data-driven success.


  • Your team's proficiency in understanding and communicating data is crucial for your competitive edge.

  • Desiring to create a data-literate workforce, from management to frontline employees, enhancing overall strategic thinking and operational efficiency with data-driven insights.

A personalized data journey

​Whether you are looking to become a trusted data communicator, or just want quick guidance, I have an offering for you to enable you to communicate data visualizations that foster trust and clarity. My way of working is uniquely crafted to match your skill level, goals, and professional background. This ensures a highly relevant and effective learning experience.​​

You want to invest to become a trusted data communicator

Your growth, your plan, your pace.

You need quick guidance in your data story

You need a quick win, fast and efficient

#1. ⎜ Gaining understanding (free)

This initial session is all about getting to know you. We'll discuss your current skills, challenges, and frustrations in data visualization.


#2. ⎜ Visualize connections

Based on our initial meeting, I'll propose a selection of topics and chapters that align with your needs. This could include areas like typography in data visualization, effective chart selection, colour theory, and more.


#3. ⎜ Communicate data with impact & trust

Each chosen chapter will be explored through interactive workshops and practical exercises. This hands-on approach is designed to embed learning and encourage the application of new skills. You'll be actively creating, analyzing, and refining data visualizations, gaining confidence and proficiency with every session.

#1. ⎜ Book a 'pick my brain' session

This session is about gaining knwoledge, fast. You need to come up with a data visualization or need to communicate it efficiently? I can provide guidance on how you can handle things.

Typical topics that can be covered in coaching

  • Introduction to UX design

  • How to choose the right graph

  • Mastering Power BI

  • Conceptual data modelling

  • Data storytelling techniques

  • Design principles

  • Colour theory in data viz

  • How to present data

  • ...


Working With the Best

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