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Become a trusted data communicator, or watch your insights turn into uncertainty
Data visualization

​My name is Henny Speelman and I am passionate about data visualizations. I love switching on light bulbs with people – facilitating those ‘aha moments’ that change mindsets and open up new possibilites.

My mission is to empower individuals with the tools and insights to transform data into compelling data stories, fostering a world where information is not just consumed, but truly understood and acted upon. My goal is making sure the right graph is created for the right audience and the right purpose: facilitating data communication and minimize cognitive load as much as possible.


Next to that I am the founder of the ART model, where I describe how our brain processes our data and how we can guide it towards effective data storytelling.

Ready to unlock the power of your data and transform it into impactful stories? Let's embark on this journey together. Reach out now and discover how I can elevate your data-driven narratives to the next level.


Your story, backed by data, awaits.



Data visualization

A story of Henny and his ART

SK_HENNY SPEELMAN_APR24_16_edited.jpg

My passion for everything related with art started early.


I was always drawn to the beauty and depth in the works of Italian geniuses like Da Vinci and the timeless wisdom of Greek philosophers like Aristotle.


For me, art was a way to express myself, to connect with the world. I dreamed of becoming a painter, of creating something that could speak without words. But as life unfolded, painting remained a beloved hobby while my career took a different path.


"I found myself in the world of data visualization, turning numbers into insights."

In the beginning, it wasn't easy. I struggled to make my data tell its story. I searched for answers, learned everything I could, and slowly, I began to understand the power of 'why'. It was the key to making data clear, compelling, and story-driven.

Then one day, everything clicked.


When I was painting, I realized that this was what I needed in my data work. The painting wasn't just art; it was a way of communicating visually, guiding the viewer's eye and mind. That was when I started to look at data differently.

I began to treat data as ART. Not just for its looks, but as a way our brain processes and understands information. This led to my ART model: Attention, Recognize, and Take away.


It's about making data more than numbers and charts—it's about turning them into narratives that engage, inform, and inspire.

Data visualization


Working With the Best

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