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Become a
trusted data communicator
One day intensive -
ART deepdive

In the age of information overload, the ability to capture attention, facilitate recognition, and leave a memorable takeaway through data visualization is essential. This intensive training dives deep into the ART model—Attention, Recognition, and Takeaway—equipping you with the tools and techniques to transform raw data into compelling visual stories that engage and inform.


13th of June (Full day)


On a beautiful location in Aartselaar, Antwerp


€575,00 excl. VAT/​ Lunch included

General info

This is a one-day training course. This training will be given in Dutch or English, depending on the group. 


For who?

Professionals and enthusiasts eager to convey data insights through reports or presentations will benefit significantly from a fresh approach using the ART model. This training is perfect for any data professional who needs to create impactful reports, presentations, and designs, emphasizing critical thinking in their communication.



None. The course is designed for beginners and those interested in learning about data visualization and storytelling.


Training content

  1. Introduction to Data Visualization

  2. How data visualizations changed the world

  3. Fundamentals of the ART Model

  4. Fundamental visual design principles 

  5. Choosing and applying the right visuals

  6. Information design thinking framework

  7. Tools (Figma, Power BI, ...)

  8. The impact of AI on data visualizations

  9. Hands-on practice with real-world data scenarios


Henny Speelman is een dynamische en humoristische expert in datavisualisatie met meer dan tien jaar ervaring. Bekend om het creëren van het ART-model, blinkt hij uit in het boeiend en toegankelijk maken van complexe gegevens. Zijn energieke, professionele stijl boeit publiek zowel op grote als kleine schaal, waarbij hij data storytelling verandert in een plezierige en verhelderende ervaring.

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